Medtronic announced approval of its MiniMed™ 770G hybrid closed loop system this month. The new insulin pump system offers the company’s SmartGuard system, with the added benefits of smartphone connectivity and an expanded age indication to children as young as 2.

This latest system by Medtronic expands the benefits of hybrid closed loop therapy to younger children living with type 1 diabetes and makes it easier to access and share real-time CGM and pump data.

The system will enable caregivers and care partners to see user data remotely on their smartphones, with proactive in-app notices sent when sugar levels are out of range. The data can also be shared automatically with clinicians and educators to help facilitate more effective telehealth visits and product trainings. This connectivity also gives Medtronic the ability to provide upgrades to future technology via software updates which can further enhance security and device features.

The growing body of clinical evidence on hybrid closed loop therapy demonstrates both the safety of the technology and improved clinical outcomes across adults, adolescents and younger children.

A clinical study of the MiniMed 670G system conducted in children two to six years of age showed an improvement in outcomes comparable to those observed in older adolescents and adults, and supported the submission of the MiniMed 770G system.

In the study, A1C and Time in Range from 151 children were assessed alongside outcomes from 124 adolescents and adults over two weeks in Manual Mode and three months in SmartGuard Auto Mode. There were no episodes of severe hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis, and no serious device-related adverse events while in SmartGuard Auto Mode.

The algorithm that powers the insulin pump, known as SmartGuard Auto Mode, refers to the system’s ability to continually adjust the amount of insulin delivered every five minutes, 24 hours a day, based on the needs of the individual. The goal of this automated delivery of background insulin is to maximize the time glucose levels are within the optimal target range and to minimize both high and low glucose levels.