David Walton, CEO of T1D Exchange, sat down this week with Scott Benner, host of the Juicebox Podcast, to talk about their respective history with type 1 diabetes. The conversation covered a wide range of topics: Scott and Dave discussed their personal relationships with T1D, experiences in the industry, and strategies for dealing with the disease.

They also discussed the surveillance study that T1D Exchange is doing in patients with diabetes and COVID-19, and examined some general issues regarding the use of insulin, as well as opportunities to improve outcomes through education and use of technology.  

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Dave during the conversation with Scott. “In general, with this collaborative we have, we’re focused on improving care. We work collaboratively with leading diabetes centers, and we’re growing that and we’ll be at over 20 centers that do that with us, picking out topics like, how do you drive CGM uptake? How do you screen for depression more consistently? Because these things impact care.”

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