Background/Objective: The T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative (T1DX-QI) is a learning health system of type 1 diabetes clinics with a shared mission to improve health outcomes using quality improvement (QI) methods. However, clinics join the T1DX-QI with variable levels of QI experience. This abstract summarizes baseline survey results across 33 T1DX-QI clinics.

Methods: Clinics complete a 20-question QI Culture self-assessment as part of their orientation process to evaluate experience using QI methodology to improve clinical practice. The assessment measures QI culture across four evidence-based areas: QI Team Structure (team roles); QI Foundation (data collection and training); QI Capacity (use of QI tools); and QI Success (scaling up small tests). A QI coach validates the preliminary results of the self-assessment by semi-structured interview. Results were analyzed for all clinics, by population served, US geographic region, and when the clinics joined the T1DX-QI.

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