At T1D Exchange, we strive to post articles that connect the T1D community. Today we’re sharing the three most viewed pieces from our online community in 2020!

  1. “The T1D Exchange Guide to Dealing with Diabetes and Coronavirus (COVID-19)” was viewed more than any other article in our online community and provided an insightful discussion on dealing with T1D and the pandemic of COVID-19. Read the Guide
  1. “T1D Exchange Study: Sleep Loss Reported as Most Frequent Daily Hurdle in Life with Type 1 Diabetes” highlighted a study that set out to help people with T1D and their caregivers share their views on the daily burdens of life with T1D. Learn More
  1. “Mental Health in T1D: How the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative is Changing Patient Care” explains the impact of mental health screening in a QIC clinic. Get the Details